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Engineering Beauty in Sydney Australia
since 1910

It was 1910 and a young man named Thomas Robert Savage decided to start a blacksmith in the backstreets of Newtown in Sydney

At Savage Design we engineer beauty. We live to get you more excited about your furniture, lighting, door hardware and homewares. We do it ethically, sustainably and stylishly. We have been doing this over 4 generations as a family business and now, with one of the most competent machine shops in Australia, we use our knowledge of manufacturing, our creativity as designers and our passion as a family to bring you creations for your spaces

In 1910 a young man named Thomas Robert Savage decided to start a blacksmith shop in the backstreets of Newtown, Sydney. In the 80’s and 90’s under the wing of Larry the business developed into one of the most competent metal machine shops in Australia. 

Today with our long history of manufacturing and a younger creative generation trained in design we now produce our own range of products. We engineer these products to be touched and interacted with everyday in your home or work. Products specifically designed to add to the quality of your life and products for you to get excited about.

We have kept to our strengths of producing products in metals often machined, fabricated and finished by hand. 

We create furniture, lighting, door hardware, wall hardware and homewares  

About Us

Savage Design produces extraordinary products. Australian designed and made, our pieces are produced in house from premium materials with an exceptional aesthetic to help make your life a little more Savage.

Uniquely Australian – in style, make and ownership – Savage Design develops the relationship of design and manufacture to build killer products. Savage Design pieces are engineered to last. Built on our expertise in metals our products are true to their materials, confidently formed and live across a range of commercial, retail and residential addresses.

We control the design, manufacture and sale of our products which allows for customisation, informed product development and for you to buy Savage from Savage.

With a team oriented approach and a shared mission that good isn’t good enough, Savage Designs products are of the highest quality, built on innovation and thrive on attention to detail.

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