Blackened Brass finish

Blackened Brass is a living finish that plays with light, having a silver sheen that overlays the rich, warm tones of brass.  

This is a finish that is born directly of, and sympathetic to, the solid brass we use. No coatings, no hiding the beauty inherent in brass and its interactions with its environment, and with the shapes created using it.  

Once placed within a space, each object with this living finish will be handled in a unique way with edges, patterns, and smooth surfaces all burnishing back differently to highlight the design and manufacture elements of our products. The uniqueness of your item will grow as the colour deepens or burnishes back depending on the life it leads in your space. This is a material that can stand proud for what it is, with a finish that supports this honesty. 

At Savage Design we strive to keep the entire production cycle in-house and under our direct control, from conception, through design and iteration testing, engineering, and manufacture & finishes. Our Blackened Brass is no different – all achieved in our factory in Fairfield and hand finished and quality checked by our team. 

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