Savage Design chooses to work with raw brass as it is a beautiful alloy with bright, rich, warm tones. We do not apply coatings to distract from the beauty inherent in brass and its interactions with its environment. Fresh off of the machines each brass product is bright, clear, and raw. The uniqueness of your item begins straight away and will grow as the colour deepens or burnishes back depending on the life it leads in your space, the edges, textures, and smooth surfaces of each object with this living finish will all interact to highlight their design and manufacture elements. 

Though brass will change in appearance over time, the structural integrity will remain.  Brass will settle into its new home and gradually age, like your favourite pair of jeans. The initial change will be quite prominent but will mellow and become more uniform as it is used more and more. We occasionally refer to new brass as a teenager – all spots and action! This does settle over time.  Another reason we use raw brass without coatings is that it can always be brought back to its original lustre. 

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