Welcome to Design with Maddox, where we invite to get creative and tailor the system for your needs such as shelving, display units, bookcases, wardrobe systems, towel rails and more. Maddox epitomises our ethos of Engineered Beauty with the system’s shapes, interplay between the components, elegant finishes, intricate knurling and robustness.

For shelving configurations, Maddox offers two options. The three-millimetre-thick textured black powder-coated aluminium provides a minimal aesthetic with a durable surface. Alternatively, the six-millimetre-thick clear glass option allows light to pass through and is securely held in place with a matching retention strip.

Download our Design with Maddox – Shelving PDF below to start creating your Maddox solution.

The components of Maddox are available in four materials and finishes – Brass, Stainless Steel, Aged Bronze and Blackened Brass. These premium solid materials were chosen for their distinctive properties. Marine-grade Stainless Steel provides excellent corrosion resistance and a silver-white appearance, while Brass offers a lustrous finish and a lively character. Aged Bronze and Blacked Brass are then achieved by treatments undergone in-house. Aged Bronze holds a rich, warm tone, animated due to its finish and Blackened Brass becomes a dynamic material choice due its silver sheen that overlays deep dark tones. Find out more about our materials and finishes here – Materials & Finishes

Looking to get the right hanging rail or foot rail for your project? Download our Design with Maddox – Projection Rails pdf here.

Looking for inspiration? Click the ‘EXAMPLES’ link below and see the video of some of the Maddox configurations we have already made.

Got questions about Maddox or the process? Contact our team and they will get back to you ASAP.

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