Immerse yourself in the process of Engineered Beauty

Take a behind the scenes tour to see how we Engineer Beauty into all of our products. Starting from the design phase and making your way through the manufacturing process you will see and hear  Savage Design’s creative process in this immersive experience. 

From the initial sketch of an idea, our design team will then use CAD to create detailed models of each part. Drawings are created that become the basis of the technical documentation and installation documentation for the finished product once it passes through prototyping. 

In our Sydney factory, our manufacturing team get to work cutting raw material, programming our CNC machines, running production of parts and fabricating items, all whilst checking with in-house quality assurance crew. 

CNC lathes and mills produce precision parts from premium solid materials in production runs and made to order items.  

Once parts are machined, the team then get to work hands on with each piece as they are polished, treated, waxed and moved between processes, including quality control. Once checked it is off to logistics for careful packing and dispatch. 

If it were not for the skilled hands of our team, we would not produce the exceptional items we are known for. Computers and machines help us achieve precision, repeatability, and efficacies, but it all starts with a hand sketch and ends with hand finishing, via many talented hands along the way. 

The end result is each Savage Design product is a piece of Engineered Beauty. 

A film by Anthony Geernaert and Savage Design​.

Video and sound by Anthony Geernaert

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