Materials & Finishes

Savage Design considers material choice, and the finishes to stem from those choices, as an integral part of the design and story of our products. Our signature living finishes stay true to the materials we use. Once placed within a space, each object with these living finishes will be handled in a unique way, with edges, patterns, and smooth surfaces all burnishing back or patinating differently to highlight the design and manufacture elements of our products. We love living finishes for the story it tells of time and place, and of how things are used, leaving traces of moments of the past. 

At Savage Design we strive to keep the entire production cycle in-house, under our direct control. We follow our products from conception, through design and iteration testing, engineering, manufacture, and finishes. This is all achieved in our factory in Fairfield and hand finished and quality checked by our team. 

Explore our materials and finishes below.

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