Living Finishes

We are often asked “what is a living finish and what can I expect from it?”.  

We are all familiar with wood and leather reflecting in their visual journey the world around them: the creases of flexing in a good pair of shoes, the richness of the 100th absorbed French polish on a table top… metals too have a life, and a visual journey. 

There is an inherent beauty to the metals we use and to the stories they tell over time. In our designs we strive to stay true to our materials and give these stories space to grow. We are excited by the visual indicators of use and location that a living finish displays as it evolves and matures over time. 

In our brass & aged bronze designs the metal is left raw, no coatings or lacquers are applied post-machining so the outer surface oxidises to develop a unique patina. Depending on its use and the environment that it is exposed to expect to see the following things: 

  • Spotting 
  • Watermarking 
  • Colour changes
  • Burnishing 

Because interactions with items are all different, the environment they are each exposed to are not the same, and the cleaning isn’t uniform. each item will become one of a kind and will wear the story of its interactions with the world at large like a favorite coat. 

Individual components supplied will have begun this story from the moment they leave the machining bays of their creation and will patina differently to one another from the start. 

Though the visible surface changes, the structural integrity of the item will not. We choose to work with brass because of its excellent corrosion resistance and ability to be used outdoors, particularly in our harsh Australian environment. 

If you are seeking a finish which doesn’t age our stainless steel and black finishes are for you.​ 

Looking to know more about metals and their finishes? We offer a CPD session on metals in architecture and interiors. Contact our team to find out more.

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