Savage Design is proud to introduce Norman Node. Our charismatic mascot derived from the Single Node, one of the core components of our Maddox system. Norman represents an integral and long-standing value of our company; building long term local connections.

Norman’s form harks back to the branding and marketing of yesteryear, a cartoon character with gloved hands and optimistic eyes is a nod to turn of the century brand mascots and pop culture. We like to think that Norman would have felt familiar to the workers in the original T.R. Savage & Son Newtown factory 100 years ago.

The Single Node from our Maddox System is a core component that allows the connection of rails, enabling the system to create shelving structures. Norman was based on this component for that very reason – connection. As a family business crafting parts from metal for over a century, local connection has been at the centre of our longevity. Norman embodies this connection and through him we will be sharing some of our ‘trade secrets’, our favourite places, brands and people.

To get to know Norman and hear how he kicks off his day.

Norman always starts his day with a trip to the local coffee shop, Veneziano. He suggests trying the shot of coffee with tonic. He drops a coffee off to Raylene who works down the road. Raylene always has a slice of cake waiting for Norman that she grabs from the kind crew at Humble. He scoffs down the cake while she smokes a dart. They discuss the day’s petrol prices and channel 9 news. While the cafés might have changed their ritual haven’t as they have been doing this since 1998 and have rarely never missed a day.

Keep an eye out for Norman as he drops tips of local knowledge by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Instagram. If you see Norman in the streets, throw him a high five.

Making Norman

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