Savage Design x Cosentino

Words from Cosentino

As a global leader for design and innovation, Cosentino welcomes both international and local collaborations with brands and designers who strive to inspire and push the boundaries of design. “When Cosentino collaborates with a brand we make sure the result is nothing short of spectacular,” says Kate Deakin-Bell, Marketing for Cosentino Oceania. These collaborations don’t fall into one category or sector but are based on alignment of core values and the drive to inspire, which is what Cosentino’s latest partnership with Sydney-based studio, Savage Design is all about.

Savage Design produces unique hardware, lighting and furniture products. The partnership led by Cosentino and Savage Design’s Creative Director James Groom and designer Joel Savage, came to fruition through The Pam Side Table, which had been in the works for many years.

The Pam has a cubic and angular metal frame, which James and Joel wanted to pair with a thin stone top – not an easy product to find in the market. It wasn’t until Dekton® Slim launched in Australia 2019 that James and Joel could truly bring The Pam to life. The thin, lightweight, ultracompact surface provided the finishing touch, with its 4-millimetre profile offering a minimalist and elegant design. “Natural stones at 20-millimetres thick, did not work with the design and it made the individual tables heavy. Dekton® Slim enabled us to get the mix of materials plus the added benefits of Dekton®; scratch resistant, stain resistant, UV stable and low maintenance,” says James.

The fine profile of Dekton® Slim plus the ability to customise to any size or shape, makes it an ideal material for custom furniture and kitchen cabinetry, and also meant that Savage Design could manufacture the product in-house.  “Our Fairfield factory is predominantly set up for metal machining and fabrication, so when using thicker stone we previously had to get contractors to cut the material to size. Because Dekton® Slim is only 4 millimetres thick, we could use tiling tools to cut the sheets to size for a small investment in score and snap tools. This enables us to have better control over lead times, adds to the skill set of our tradespeople and enables us, as a design company, to get to know the material through hands-on experience,” James explains.

Being able to manufacture the table themselves also meant James and Joel could fine-tune the design of The Pam so that it could easily stack. “The Dekton® Slim top became part of what enabled the product to stacks, all whilst keeping the thin profile we had envisaged,” James says. As such, The Pam can be arranged and stacked in multiple ways, to be used for a variety of purposes, as well as being available in a range of colours.

“Now living with The Pam in our everyday lives and workspaces, we have never loved a collaboration so much,” says Kate. “Cosentino and Savage Design share a similar heritage in being family-owned and operated businesses, passed on through generations. Cosentino couldn’t be more excited to watch this partnership flourish and provide support and inspiration to future creations from Savage Design.”

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