Scotty and Kath side tables

The Scotty and Kath side tables are partners in crime. Designed to spend a life together but bolshie enough to create a stir on their own. They are made up of meticulously machined components each representing an individual aspect of their attitude that is delicately balanced on top of one another. 

The components made up of cogs, spacers, splitters and manifolds with curves, chamfers, textures and patterns pay homage to a century of craft. Scotty and Kath, like true underground villains, spend their days in an industrial factory tinkering and scheming while their nights are spent mingling with the glitz and glamourous.

Complex individuals, each table has been through over 2,400 minutes of intricate machining. Uncooperative at times, they then require hand finishing to finally become objects of engineered beauty, trophy like in stature or the prize after the heist.

Scotty stands taller with a shark nose detail to the underside of the circular top. Kath nests just under with a reverse shark nose detail to her top. Both have a black leather disc as a luxurious table top finish like the gloves worn in the getaway car.

Both items are sculpted from solid brass by our talented engineers and then finished by hand. Available in two living finishes; raw brass to reflect their glamorous side and blackened brass that tries to conceal their love for lux but the warm hints of brass give their true nature away. Both finishes will mature over time as they are interacted with and their story continues. 

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