Stainless steel is a bright metal, with clean tones.  There are no coatings to distract from the beauty inherent in the steel and its interactions with its environment, and with the shapes created using it. The 316 Marine Stainless we use is ideally suited to harsh environments whilst showing minimal variation, having been chosen for its excellent corrosion resistance, particularly around salt water. It is a perfect material for our harsh Australian environment and indoor / outdoor lifestyle.

Stainless steel is a living finish, that may be susceptible to tea staining, a discoloration of the surface seen especially in marine environments and areas of high pollution. We choose 316 Marine Stainless to minimise this, it is however a cosmetic issue that does not affect the structural integrity or the lifetime of the material. Stainless steel is a raw metal finish that can always be brought back to a bright lustre if desired, this is however a material that can be maintained with a minimum of upkeep and fuss.  

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