The Tom and Chris candle holders. Same cloth, different personalities.

The Tom and Chris candle holders are a pair of siblings cut from the same cloth, but with different personalities. Taking inspiration from the precision parts made by our company and its 100 year-plus heritage, these candleholders stand as artefacts of Engineered Beauty in their own right without the candle in use. Add the candle’s flame however and they come to life, with the interplay of machined surfaces and flowing wax creating complex patterns of shadow and light.

Tom’s conical form with repeated detail around the diameter enticing wax to flow down the valleys and openings to form sculpted rivers as the candle burns. Looking like a part from a jet engine, there is a sense of movement from this static object.

Chris stands tall from a cube base. The machined curves stretch up to the candle base to encourage natural wax forms to build along them as the candle burns. The tapped holes reference the utilitarianism of Chris’ origins in all its beauty as an eye-catching detail.

Both items are meticulously machined from solid brass by our talented engineers and then finished by hand. Both siblings are available in two living finishes, raw brass and blackened brass, that will mature over time as they interact with each candle that is used and the unique wax flow that is created.

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